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Welcome to always 100 basketball

Always 100 basketball is designed to challenge and achieves athletic excellence which in turn fosters self confidence, leadership, and personal growth. The Always 100 motto is to give 100% at all times and the focus is to help kids remain active and productive — keeping them focused on Positivity, not negativity.


Always 100 camps

If you are looking for a great way to develop your basketball skills or teach kids the true basics and fundamentals of the game then the Always 100 Camps and Clinics are geared just for you.


Always 100 group workouts

With our Always 100 Group Workouts we intimately focus on improving player weaknesses, honing strengths, and conditioning athletes to perform at their highest level.


always 100 team

Our expert coaches range at all different levels of play; professional, college, high school, and youth basketball. Our goal with your child and see them reach their potential as a player and person.


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Always 100 has been there for me since I was starting eighth grade AAU. Way before any offers came and any recognition.

Nard and the Always 100 trainers believe in the dream and were always 100% about what I needed to do to make my goals become reality.

I used to run from Coach Goodwell’s workouts and make excuses because he always used to push me so hard, but I began to realize these guys do it because they love me and want the best for me and Fort Wayne basketball as a whole.”
— Caleb (Biggie) Swanigan
Being a part of the Always 100 program is one of the best decisions I have ever made. I workout with Vernard five times a week and everyday he motivates me to be the best player on the court and the very best person I can be off the court.

Always 100 is my family and they share an environment that is welcoming for all the want to succeed.

During my recruiting process Vernard went with me on all my unofficial recruiting visits. Always 100 has been a big reason why I am able to play at the Division I college basketball level.
— Karissa McLaughlin
Always 100 has helped me grow as a player in many different ways. Nard and his staff do a great job of keeping me accountable to play and practice at my highest level.

They don’t allow any mediocrity only 100% at all times. Habits and traits like those apply throughout life, not just in basketball.

Their high energy culture and example of hard work is contagious and rubs off on everyone that trains with them! I’m always excited to return home during off season and get back into the gym at Always100!
— VJ Beecham
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Click on Image to go directly to Parkview Ortho Express website for more information.

Click on Image to go directly to Parkview Ortho Express website for more information.

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